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Hey y’all, 

A couple months back, one of our producers, Hayley Hershman, called me with a really interesting story idea. She'd been researching the topic of voter suppression and talked with an expert who explained to her how voting rights and economics have been closely tied together since the founding of the nation. She mentioned that back in the 1700s, the only people who could vote were white men who owned property. We decided to dedicate a whole episode to looking at how money and power have dictated who can cast a ballot. It was tricky to piece together because we also wanted to get into what’s happening today, specifically with access to mail-in ballots. Truthfully, we quickly realized there was just too much we wanted to pack into the episode. 

While researching, I was especially interested in what’s going on in Florida, where an appeals court ruled last week that people who’ve been convicted of serious crimes will be ineligible to vote until they’ve paid all their court fees. Civil rights groups and voting rights advocates have likened it to a poll tax. I think it’s a great example of how your economic status can impact what many consider a fundamental right. 

I hope y'all enjoy (and learn something from) the episode. I definitely did.

— Reema

The receipts

Your stories (with proof)

A receipt for a red hoodie, size small, $65 plus $9.99 shipping

Today’s receipt comes from listener Julie McGill. If you have a receipt you want to share, let us know!

“My daughter and I have been binge-watching ‘Dance Moms’ and as a gift to her, I got her a sweatshirt from the show :)”

This week on the podcast

Who can afford to vote?

Seth and Mina, the couple from this episode

From restricted access mail-in ballots to poll taxes, voting rights have always been tied to power and money. (Listening time, 30:09)


The comfort zone

What our team is into right now, and what would make it even better. 

Tony’s not as much of a poetry-appreciator as he would like, but his girlfriend just bought Ada Limón’s collection “The Carrying” and he’s finding it very moving. Check out Limón’s poem “The Leash,” perfect for this anxious moment. 

Yesterday, we realized practically everyone on the team had taken the time to read this essay in The Cut by model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. It’s a very “Uncomfortable” kind of story about the series of expensive legal battles she’s been in over photos and paintings of herself.

Finally, Eliza has been looking forward to “We Are Who We Are,” the new miniseries from “Call Me By Your Name” director Luca Guadagnino. There’s only one episode out, but in the meantime you can read this great interview with Dev Hynes (a.k.a. Blood Orange), who wrote the score for the show.

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